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REO Direct Source offers investors the ability to choose the investment level that meets their goals.  Currently we offer the REO/ Bulk Properties, Customized REO Bulk Properties and Turn-Key Investment opportunities.   


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 Properties: We offer properties in small to large portfolios .  We connect together sellers and qualified buyers for the intention of purchasing these portfolios. .  We prefer to work directly with real buyers.  If you are interested in buying portfolios you must have liquid funds to invest and be able to move quickly when a portfolio fitting your needs becomes available.  
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and learn what properties or note packages are available.

Turn-Key Properties: The Turn-Key Investment Program is for the new and experienced investor who would like to participate in the market; but would prefer not to deal with finding, rehabbing, selling, renting, and /or managing tenants.  The Turn-Key program offers investors the ability to earn a monthly income while minimizing time related in the day to day duties that come with property ownership. 
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