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"Buy Direct....from the Source"
"Buy Direct....from the Source"
Bank-Owned Properties

When lenders foreclose on real estate, the property must first be placed for sale through a foreclosure auction. When no one bids on the property, it reverts back to the bank. Once the bank has ownership, the property becomes known as bank owned/REO property. Due to the current market, bulk REO's are becoming more difficult to find.  Financial institutions are taking these properties and bundling them in Note packages.  They then sell these portfolios for one flat price.

Currently we are able to obtain Note packages for residential and commercial properties.  Some Note packages can be cherry picked, while other cannot.

We connect sellers and qualified buyers for the intention of purchasing these portfolios. We work directly with banks and institutions and usually do not work with broker chains; we prefer to work directly with real buyers. If you are interested in buying Note portfolios you must have liquid funds to invest and be able to move quickly when a portfolio fitting your needs becomes available.

The current market for REO's and Notes is constantly changing, if you are interested in Notes, please contact us at to see what is available.

Many investors are new to this type of real estate investing and therefore may be unfamiliar with the procedures required to purchase portfolios. We try and simplify the buying process for our clients, by providing straight forward information that's easy to understand.
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